IQP solution powers a ‘smart walker’

The IQP development environment has been integrated with the Fujitsu IoT Cloud in a ‘smart walker’ developed by RT Works, a robotics developer based in Japan.

Japan is well known for the longevity of its senior population. It’s estimated that by 2060, 40% of the population will be 65 and over. The Japanese government is actively exploring innovative ways to care for and improve the quality of life of older people. Robotics is one research area that is showing tremendous potential for enabling the elderly to live a safe and active lifestyle.

The RT Works robotics-assisted walker is equipped with sensors, a camera and networking devices to support remote monitoring of the person who is using the equipment. The IQP solution is being used to control and to monitor locational data, operation status data, and user condition data outside homes.

Most importantly, IQP also enables ‘human-centric’ data to be gathered about the person using the walker. For example, the person’s overall vital signs, the outdoor temperature (rising temperatures signal that the person might need to rest or drink liquids), their energy level (are they moving more slowly), their present location, etc.

IQP provides users, the user’s family and nursing care facilities with these real time updates. In addition, parameters can be set so that a trigger alerts personnel if the walker is moving out of a defined area and into possible danger zones, such as a busy street, river, etc. Alerts can also provide updates on critical health changes or when it’s time for the person’s usual medicine. IQP also gathers real-time operational data on the walker that supports timely device maintenance or repair.

Fujitsu video (in Japanese)

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