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November 9th, 2016 Palo Alto, California – IQP Corporation, a fast-growth Internet of Things (IoT) startup, has been selected to participate in GE Digital’s Predix Startup Accelerator program, in Herzliya, Israel. The accelerator will enable IQP to benefit from a deep-learning experience about the Predix platform and the opportunity to co-develop industry-specific analytics applications.

Predix is the operating system for the Industrial Internet that offers complete connectivity from the edge to the cloud and computing capabilities at every level of the industrial software stack. Selected apps and micro-services will be included in the Predix Catalog (, creating an opportunity for IQP Corporation to commercialize its solutions with GE as a partner.

IQP Corporation has developed a first in kind code-free application development system and runtime environment for creating and deploying cross-platform Business and IoT Apps. The IQP system will enable GE’s customers to rapidly develop code-free enterprise-wide IoT applications, ensure that their initiatives will be be easily implemented, and their IoT investment will deliver demonstrated ROI.

The IQP solution features the IQP App Builder, a unique development tool that anyone can use it to create code-free apps – from end-users with no IT skills to sophisticated programmers. Apps are built using a web-based visual programming interface and ready-to-use design templates. Advanced programming is optional and add-on services are not required. IQP Apps run as web apps and are optimized to view on all mobile phones, tablets, and PCs. Development and deployment time is typically reduced by up to hours or days (based on customer feedback).

Guy Kaplinsky, Founder and CEO, comments: “Being selected for the Predix Startup program will enable our R&D team to gain an in-depth understanding of Predix and how the IQP solution can be paired for mutual commercial benefit. IQP’s center of excellence is located in Tel Aviv and our R&D team will work closely with GE’s technical experts and trainers.”

The Predix Startup Accelerator program features intensive training workshops on Predix and training from GE domain experts to learn best practices of selling to sectors such as healthcare, energy and advanced manufacturing.

About the IQP System

The IQP System makes it simple for IoT Platform providers to give their customers a rapid application development environment to expand their system and cloud usage.  With IQP, the IoT Platform can enable their users to quickly develop applications without any knowledge in programming code. It also enables companies to create their own App Market and allows third parties to develop applications for an ecosystem that generates profits from IoT applications. Companies can leverage their IoT activity to become a source of ensured revenue from new services.

About IQP Corporation

CEO Guy Kaplinsky, an experienced entrepreneur and developer of IP projects, founded the company in 2011. IQP Corporation is headquartered in Palo Alto California, with a Sales and QA team in Tokyo, Japan, and a center of excellence in Tel Aviv, Israel.

UPDATE: On July 31, 2017 GE Digital acquired IQP Corporation and will integrate our code-free application development environment into its Predix platform for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Predix is the leading solution for connecting machines, data and people to power the digital industrial companies of the future. The code-free IQP solution will enhance the drag & drop capabilities of Predix Studio, Predix’s high productivity application development tool purpose-built for the Industrial IoT.

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