IQP Corporation, fast-track IoT startup, acquired by GE Digital

On July 31, 2017 IQP Corporation was acquired by GE Digital, the leading software provider for the Industrial Internet. GE Digital will integrate the IQP code-free application development environment into its Predix platform for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Predix is the leading solution for connecting machines, data and people to power the digital industrial companies of the future. The code-free IQP solution will enhance the drag & drop capabilities of Predix Studio, Predix’s high productivity application development tool purpose-built for the Industrial IoT. IQP’s collaboration began when the company was selected for the Predix Startup Accelerator program in 2016.

By adding IQP to Predix Studio, an integrated workflow for rapid application development, GE Digital can empower non-coders to create their own Industrial IoT applications, speeding the commercialization of new applications and driving additional value for Industrial customers.


IQP is a unique development tool that helps the “citizen” developer create code-free applications. Adding IQP to Predix Studio will enable non-coders to quicky and easily develop their own IIoT applications without the need for programming expertise. Applications are built using a web-based visual programming interface and ready-to-use design templates – and are optimized to view on all mobile phones, tablets and PCs.

Founder and CEO Guy Kaplinsky says: “IQP helps eliminate IT bottlenecks and lengthy app development cycles by enabling people with no programming skills to build applications in a matter of hours or days. GE Digital’s acquisition underscores our belief that IQP has been a thought leader in making code-free IoT application development accessible to everyone.”

This acquisition marks the second successful business venture for Guy Kaplinsky and IQP co-founder and Vice President Maki Kaplinsky, a Japanese woman entrepreneur with extensive knowledge in the IT industry. IQP Corporation was founded 2011 in Tokyo, Japan and maintains a center of excellence in Tel Aviv, Israel. In 2016, IQP made the leap to the U.S. market and opened its headquarters in Silicon Valley.

Maki Kaplinsky comments: “IQP’s culture of innovation is based on a winning combination of Japanese long-term thinking (like a marathon runner) and an agile, fast-moving Israeli mindset (a quick sprinter). Our U.S. marketing and sales expertise is a strong complement to this foundation. We greatly look forward to working with GE Digital and contributing to a solution that is a leader in the Industrial IoT field.”

We would like to thank Fujitsu Ltd and SBI Investment Co., Ltd for investing in IQP Corporation, making it possible to transform IQP from a local Japanese start-up to a global company.

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