IBM International : Announcing IQP for Code-Free App Development

IBM Watson IoT Platform Developer Center integrates IQP as IoT Application Builder on Bluemix.

Creating IoT applications just got easier now that IBM and IQP Corporation have partnered together to bring IQP’s application builder into Bluemix and fully integrate it with the Watson IoT Platform. IQP offers a code-free application builder for apps running on the Watson IoT Platform. It is the ideal tool for fast prototyping of IoT applications, and robust enough for production use.

IQP provides both the application development environment and the application execution environment for Web applications. Since IQP is hosted in Bluemix, there are no IT requirements – you don't have to install or maintain it like a traditional IDE; and no need to set up an environment to host your applications.

Simply create beautiful responsive apps directly from your browser, and deploy them with a click of the mouse. Enterprise grade applications can be built by dragging-and-dropping objects and configuring them to monitor and control IoT devices, and to visualize IoT data in real time.

IQP enables you to work with data from a variety of sources such as sensors, gateways, connected devices and cameras, and to create interactive experiences such as the connected car demo in the video below.

IQP enables anyone, even people without IT skills, to build their own code-free applications in days not weeks:

  • Non-Programming environment
  • HTML5/CSS3 based Web Applications
  • Entity and Query for RDB
  • Rapid code-free development of M2M and Business Applications
  • Empowers IT skill level of Specialist in Non-IT industry
  • Full-featured tool for Business or Hardware Professionals

The Watson IoT Platform, together with IQP’s powerful app-builder, offers an end-to-end solution for IoT development that allows makers to prototype their ideas from the point of connecting their device to the cloud, and all the way to the point of interacting with the device and its data through an app on a mobile, tablet or web browser.

No IT experience necessary! Give IQP a try today.

Resources: Announcing IQP for Code-Free App Development

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