End-to-End Client Solution on IBM Bluemix™ with IQP Code-Free Client App Development system

IQP seamlessly integrates with the IBM Bluemix™ cloud platform to provide a complete IoT-ready solution!

IQP offers a complete IoT development solution, from connectivity with sensors and control devices to app customization and design templates. Add-on services are optional.

• No programming skill is needed, programming is optional to add advanced features.
• Create IQP Apps in 80% less time than traditional coding, deploy in days not weeks. No lengthy testing needed.
• Simple to modify and update apps on demand.
• IQP Apps run as web applications on any Mobile Phones, Tablets or PCs.

Integrate IQPwith the IBM Bluemix™ cloud platform, based on IBM's Open Cloud Architecture and Cloud Foundry, and you have everything you need to be IoT-ready!

Integrated solution highlights:

• Enterprise Apps & IoT Apps
• Events triggered by sensor & human interaction
• Dynamic DB enables easy development of enterprise Apps
• Responsive UI – Optimizes view for Mobiles, Tablets and PCs
• Client Apps can provide Big Data on PC and reduce data on Mobile
• Data access security based on roles & organizations

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