About IQP

IQP offers a unique development tool that anyone can use to create code-free applications


IQP offers a complete development solution, from connectivity with sensors and control devices to app customization and design templates. If you want to make money with the Internet of Things, IQP is the answer! Contact us for a demo and to learn more.

How IQP can increase revenues and build market share:

• Reduce costs and Time to Market for product software
• Lower maintenance costs for product software
• Add new After Market Features
• Create new IoT services around products
• Gain market feedback from Big Data Analysis of product usage

Application Management and new revenue streams for Hardware OEMs, Systems Integrators and Mobile Carriers

• Support for multiple protocols enables management and co-ordination of multiple devices by IQP Apps.
• 3rd party developers can use IQP system to create custom apps that add value to core products.
• Companies can create “App Stores” for selling branded Apps and 3rd Party Apps, providing new revenue through profit sharing.
• New business model combines products and services enabling companies to enhance their product Eco System.

With the right solution, the potential for easy and profitable app development is almost limitless! Some examples of IQP customer applications:

• Fleet and Asset Management
• Vehicle and Transportation Tracking
• Factory Automation Control
• Greenhouse Environmental Monitoring and Control
• Smart House and Smart Office Remote Control
• Power Plant Sensor Monitoring
• Telematics Applications
• Business Processing and Analysis of Big Data
• MAPS Applications
• Field Service Management
• Office and Secure Facility Access Monitoring

IQP structure

IQP’s complete server support

• Paas Server for multi gateway protocol, asset management app, tenant management and more.
• Development server that runs our app builder, user management, developers management, event engine (CEP), …
• Runtime server for IQP apps

IQP Flex & Fix Database

• IQP Flex DB enables easy creation of tables and DB relationships.
• IQP Fix DB structure supports real time processing and analysis of Big Data.

IQP provides support for many IoT/M2M device protocols

• Standard Open Source protocols including:
• Proprietary Device Protocols including:
ATrack OBD-II – Telematics
Fujitsu M2M Cloud
iDiGi® Device Cloud connectivity
Eurotech Device Cloud connectivity
Helios Sensor connectivity
• IQP M2M Gateway APIs – IQP provides custom APIs allowing device manufacturer’s Apps to transmit and receive control commands through the IQP cloud. API support includes:

New protocols can easily be added to support new devices and systems.

Innovative features include:

• Visual interface makes it fast & easy for programmers & programmers to create Cross Platform Apps
• Responsive UI – different view on Mobile, Tablet and PC
• Big Data client Apps run limited data on Mobile and Big Data on PC
• Data restrictions based on role & organization
• IQP can install on public cloud, private cloud and on premise
• Supports streaming video from remote source and recording video (triggered by user logic or app settings)
• Indoor mapping supp M2M and IoT Protocol Support

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