IQP -Code Free Application Development Environment- enables you to quickly develop and deploy IoT apps, get feedback from the market, and modify it quickly to justify it. This is the best way that you can effectively see ROI from IoT business.


    IQP provides a code-free (non-programming) environment for Cross Platform IoT/M2M Apps and Enterprise Applications. It supports rapid code-free app creation using a web-based visual programming interface. Apps can be developed in 80% less time than traditional coding. IQP Apps run as web applications on any Mobile Phones, Tablets or PCs.


End-to-end IoT solution

If you are a company, manufacturer, telco, system integrator or an IoT service provider, IQP enables you to offer a complete code-free end-to-end IoT service (on your cloud, on premise or public cloud). IQP handles it all – with data collection, an event engine, a code-free application builder and client app run-time.

Expand your IoT capabilities

Are you an IoT service provider? IQP can run on your cloud and enables you to offer a complete code-free end-to-end IoT service (on your cloud, on premise or public cloud). IQP handles it all – data collection, an event engine, a code-free application builder and client app run-time. Our solution is integrated with Fujitsu’s Cloud IoT platform, runs on IBM Bluemix™, IBM SoftLayer™, etc. for an end-to-end client application development solution.

Everything you need for IoT

If you are a company, manufacturer, telco or System Integrator and want to adopt IoT solutions, or improve your ROI with IoT technologies, we’re ready to help! IQP and IQP’s partners offer proven technology with personalized service, from consultation, planning, design, implementation and execution of your IoT solution. IQP and our Partners offer service and solutions to help you maximize your ROI from IoT.

About IQP

IQP Corporation was founded in Japan in 2011 and has a growing base of customers, including GE, IBM, Fujitsu, Motorola Solution, Contec, Innotech, Tata Consultancy Services and Mitsui Electronics. Our corporate headquarters is in Palo Alto U.S., an office in Tokyo, Japan, a center of excellence in Israel.

Our first-in-kind code-free application platform and market system provides development tools and a runtime environment for delivering cross platform Business and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. IQP enables anyone to quickly and easily create IoT-ready Apps – from end-users to sophisticated programmers, using a web-based visual programming interface. IQP Apps run as web applications on any Mobile Phones, Tablets or PCs.

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The connected world is quickly evolving

Your application development process needs to keep up! Speed up your development cycle with the Code Free IQP App Builder, the ideal rapid prototyping tool for IoT application development and robust enough for production use. Development time is reduced by up to 80%! What if you have no IT skills? No problem! Anyone can build a code free IQP app with our ready-to-use design templates and easy drag & drop operation. Build complex apps in hours, not weeks, handle modifications in a few clicks.



Digital signage

Create a totally new customer experience by integrating data from smart cameras, sensors, facial recognition, readers, beacons,… IQP's unique formula for working with data is connect + monitor plus human interaction with sensors. Easily develop digital signage apps to accompany shoppers when they enter the store (a customized welcome) and offer helpful info when they pick up an item. Digital signage stays on a shopper’s phone after leaving the store, providing info about the neighborhood, even real-time alerts that can keep them safe in case of a disaster or emergency situation.

Factory Automation

IQP’s vision of Industry 4.0 enables you to work with sensor data in a new way. Most solutions just focus on control and monitoring. We give you the big picture on your data by supporting live stream video data from the factory plus data on human interaction with the sensors. Analyze and quickly put that data into action with easy code-free apps for everything from automation, flow optimization and predictive maintenance to troubleshooting. IQP also supports indoor mapping for defining sensor placement and function.

Connected Car

IQP offers an end-to-end solution for integrating data collection, from sensors and human interaction, combined with analytics and deep learning. This valuable data can be used to create events and code-free apps for internal or external use. IQP innovation also makes it easy to create a branded app store where partners, 3rd parties and even users can sell premium apps to maximize the ROI on connected cars.

Enterprise Apps

The IQP integrated solution helps companies to cost-effectively transform data from M2M, sensors and devices into enterprise apps. Our dynamic database makes it easy to manage data and support rapid app development. IQP apps can be quickly developed for project management, inventory tracking, quality control, improved forecasting, and more. The ROI is increased productivity, ability to troubleshoot problems before they happen, reduced costs and more accurate business decisions.

Energy Management – Oil & Gas

Benefit from IQP’s 360-approach: control + monitor plus data from human interaction with sensors. Transform this data into code-free apps that help personnel to monitor and respond to energy events or weather changes, troubleshoot problems or do installations and updates. Sensor data, teamed with advanced analytics and IQP mobile apps, improves pipeline monitoring for operational efficiency. Processes and alerts can be set for predictive maintenance and link to enterprise resource planning (ERP). IQP apps enable field workers to be alerted to a crisis situation, monitor changes in machinery, learn of system updates or send real-time data to managers. Apps shorten the distance between workers in remote locations and the head office, saving time and maximizing productivity.


IQP innovates on connected healthcare by adding a human-centric approach to patient monitoring that goes way beyond simple sensor data. Our platform enables personal data about the patient to be included, such as what they ate or how they are reacting to medicine, for complete real-time analysis and accurate diagnosis. Administrators can use a combination of human input and sensor data to create care-focused apps, without programming skills. We make it easier to provide optimal patient care, on-site or remotely.


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