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    IQP -Code Free Application Development Environment- enables you to create your own Industrial IoT applications. IQP can provide you the web-based visual programming interface and ready-to-use design templates for your rapid Code-Free application development and customized applications.


Code-Free App Development Environment

IQP is a unique development tool that anyone, even non-programmers, can use to quickly create code-free applications for the Internet of Things and Industrial IoT. IQP can eliminate IT bottlenecks and lengthy app development cycles by enabling applications to be built in days, not weeks.

Cross-platform IoT and IIoT Applications

Quickly and easily build applications using a web-based visual programming interface and drag & drop operation with ready-to-use design templates. The code-free applications are fully optimized to be viewed on all mobile phones, tablets, and PCs.

Making Industrial IoT More Accessible to Everyone

IQP is the tool of choice for code-free rapid application development. Significantly reduces development time and handles modifications in a few clicks. IQP enables people without coding experience, such as operations or finance professionals, to easily build their own IoT applications.

About IQP

IQP Corporation was founded 2011 in Tokyo, Japan and maintains a center of excellence in Tel Aviv, Israel. In 2016, IQP made the leap to the US market and opened its headquarters in Silicon Valley.

The IQP code-free application development environment enables anyone (even non-coders) to easily create Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial IoT applications. When you go code-free, and open app development to everyone, you save time, money and begin to clearly see demonstrated ROI on your IoT/IIoT investment

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The connected world is quickly evolving

Your application development process needs to keep up! Speed up your development cycle with the IQP code-free application development environment. IQP is the ideal development tool for rapid application development. What if you have no IT skills? No problem! Anyone can build a code free IQP app with our ready-to-use design templates and easy drag & drop operation. Build complex apps in days, not weeks, handle modifications in a few clicks. In July, 2017, GE Digital acquired IQP Corporation and will integrate our code-free application development environment into its Predix platform for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Predix is the leading solution for connecting machines, data and people to power the digital industrial companies of the future. The code-free IQP solution will enhance the drag & drop capabilities of Predix Studio, Predix’s high productivity application development tool purpose-built for the Industrial IoT.



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